Full Name: Joshua Townsend

Current city/state you call home: Douglasville, GA

Career highlight: Was part of The Crabb Family Tour 2015-2016

Artists you have traveled with: The Old Paths, The Bowling Family, Beyond The Ashes, The Erwins, The LeFevre Quartet

Favorite brand/model piano: Yamaha C7

Formal training: No

When did you start playing piano: I started when I was three years old, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was thirteen.

Do you play any other instruments: No

Favorite song to play: I Saw The Light

Most embarrassing moment: As I was running up the stairs to get on stage at NQC one year, I tripped and fell. Worst part of it all was that it was caught on camera and everyone saw it.

Joshua’s Testimony: 

Joshua is a true testament to the mercy of God and proof that God is still in the miracle working business. Despite all of the challenges he has faced in his young life, he is being greatly used by God. 

Joshua was conceived with a twin but his twin died in the womb due to trauma his mother suffered at the hands of an abusive husband. Joshua’s struggle for life began months before birth. He suffered a massive stroke that went undetected as an infant. He was born with aortic stenosis (heart disease) that spontaneously resolved and left the cardiologists without an explanation. He had skin cancer removed from the back of his head at the age of three, and later had to have a bone tumor removed from his clavicle. His hospitalizations were numerous. After continuing to miss normal development milestones, doctors discovered that Joshua had suffered a massive stroke, one that would require years of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Doctors told his mother that the stroke he suffered was equivalent to one suffered by a person with cerebral palsy and that, with the amount of brain damage sustained, he shouldn’t be able to walk, talk, or even ride a bike, all of which he was doing when he was finally diagnosed. The doctors also concluded that he would never have full use of the left side of his body, but God had bigger plans for Joshua! With 85% use of the left side of his body, God is using Joshua to minister and touch lives through his music. He has been blessed with an amazing musical talent. Joshua began his ministry with The Old Paths Quartet at 15 years old and has played on the main stage at NQC every year since. He has had the privilege of playing for some of southern gospel’s most acclaimed artists including; The Bowling Family, Pat Barker, The Erwins, Anthony Facello, 11th Hour, and now, for The LeFevre Quartet. 

Joshua has a heart for people, especially those who are hurting and broken. He sees people through God’s eyes and loves people with God’s heart. He refuses to be limited spiritually by the challenges he faces physically. He has chosen a life of ministry where he can encourage hurting people and share his message that, no matter how big the storm, God is faithful!!

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Website: thelefevrequartet.com