lore-4Portsmouth, Ohio (November 17, 2016)  The Lore Family hosted their 2nd annual Determined Youth Conference on November 11th, in Franklin Furnace, Ohio. There were around 300 in attendance with nearly 20 churches represented. Attendees heard inspirational speakers, encouraging music and a challenge to be “determined” in their walk with Christ.mica

The evening kicked off with worship music, led by Fayth and Samuel Lore. Keynote speakers of the conference were Micah Schweinsberg, Brian Baer, Darren Lore and C.T. Townsend.

The culmination of the conference resulted in the alters being lined, and 14 teenagers making the life changing towndecision to acknowledge they had asked Jesus to save them, as they begin their life with Christ.

When asked about the Determined Youth Conference, Samuel Lore said, “I really feel that many lives were changed for the better at Determined. Every speaker gave valuable knowledge on real-life topics and situations we all will most likely face. Many teenagers left being determined to have a closer commitment and relationship to Christ.”

Fayth Lore added, “We believe that the topics spoke on, and the spirit felt at the conference will have a life-time impact on those who attended. Our family has such a burden for the younger generation. We believe that God is raising an army of soldiers of the cross. We want to be an encouragement to young people, to serve God with all of their heart. Because, a life surrendered to Christ, is a life of overflowing abundance.”

The Lore Family also hosted a Determined Youth Conference in South Carolina in 2015. They plan on facilitating future events, and encourage those interested in having one in their area to contact the Lore Family by phone at 740-935-1188 or by email at thelorefamily@aol.com.

To see more pictures from Determined Youth Conference ’16, go tohttps://www.facebook.com/fayth.lore/videos/vb.100000384628064/1237527786270030/?type=3&theater.

More information on the Lore Family Ministries can be found at www.thelorefamilyministries.com.