Jeremy Cato has a great passion for music ministry and is obedient to the call on his life. He serves as Worship Leader at Living Waters Family Worship Center in Buckner, Missouri. If he’s not in a church singing, you will likely find him singing at a local theatre. He has made appearances at the Sundowners Theatre, Middle Creek Opry and the Big Creek Country Music Theatre. Cato shares, “I consider it an honor to minister through music. It is one of the most humbling experiences a person can be a part of.”

Cato’s debut album recorded at Daywind Records is entitled, Dawn Is Breaking. It is a ten song compilation with a total of nine original songs written by gospel greats such as Joseph Habedank, Kenna Turner West, Lee Black, Matt Cox and others. Cato notes, “Daywind Records opened up their songbook that showcased some of the finest songwriters in our genre today.” The first single release to radio is titled, Pray For You. Cato shares, “We brought in Amber Nelon Thompson of The Nelons to sing back-up on this song and the harmonies are just incredible. I’m very excited to see where God takes it.”

A personal song favorite of Cato’s is, Born For This. This song has a great message that identifies with anybody and everybody. A line in the song says, Dawn Is Breaking, which became the title of the project. Cato shares, “When things come against you, doubt begins to whisper but you know deep down that you were born for this moment in life. It’s the moment that you have prayed and waited for your entire life. Go take the world by storm knowing you were born for this.”

Vice President and A&R Director of Daywind Records, Scott Godsey shares, “I have the distinct pleasure to work with many established Christian Artists. On a rare occasion I’ll hear someone that is unique and has a passion to spread the Gospel through song. When I heard Jeremy, I knew there was something special about him.  I’m thankful that we partnered on this recording and I can’t wait to see where his musical journey will take him. You will love this recording.” Godsey also served as the projects producer.

Cato’s family is a vital part of his ministry. He wed the love of his life, Christina almost sixteen years ago. Christina was a music student of Jeremy’s mother, who sat them up on a blind date. Cato recalls, “My wife is largely responsible for introducing me back to Christ.” He was raised to know Christ, but in his teens and early twenties he strayed to a life of hurt and heartache. Cato notes, “My wife was very strong in the Lord and said to me if you are going to be with me, you better be with Christ first. You better find yourself. She is my rock.”

Cato and Christina got their start in ministry when her uncle, who was also their pastor, fell and broke his neck working in construction. He had ask them to fill-in as Youth Ministers and six to seven years later, they were still youth pastoring. Currently they hold the position of Worship Leaders at their home church. Christina’s uncle was completely healed. Walking, no longer a quadriplegic! Cato was singing, Light At The End Of The Darkness, on the day he walked back into church for the first time. That song has such a deep meaning to their family, Cato knew he had to include it on his new project.

The Lord has blessed Cato and Christina with three amazing children, Tyler (18), Anthony (14) and Marissa (10). “These three are very unique in their own way and keeps me running like crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for a minute. Our home isn’t always perfect, but it is filled with love, laughter and great times. While I enjoy my time ministering, I consider it a blessing to be called Husband and Father. I am very grateful for a family that supports, loves, forgives, and genuinely has a heart to serve. I couldn’t ask for a better support system,” shares Cato.

Cato’s music ministry is reaching new heights and the message is being felt from his local community to regions beyond. Cato received a Facebook message from Angel, a Program Director located at a Gospel station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her station plays all genres of Christian music. A friend of hers, who lives in Texas, shared Cato’s first album, Thank You Lord with Angel. After hearing Cato’s rendition of Thank You Lord, For Your Blessings On Me, Angel rededicated her life to Christ. “If nothing else came from that album, this one individual who came back to Christ whom I have never met, makes it all worthwhile,” says Cato.    

Jeremy Cato welcomes the opportunity to minister at your place of worship or special event. For a more in depth look into the ministry of Jeremy Cato, visit You may also contact him through email at