Full Name:  Kristopher McKenzie Erwin 
Nickname:  Kmac & Kris
Birthday:  5-5-96 ( Cinco de Mayo)
Grade:  College
Hobbies:  Sleeping, Music, Reading, and Writing
How long have you been singing?:  As long as I can remember.
What is it like traveling on the bus?: I sleep most of the time.
What do you like most about traveling?:  Meeting new people!
What do you like least about traveling?:  Not being home.
Favorite Song:  “The Promise” & “Your Grace Still Amazes Me”
Favorite Singer:  TaRanda Greene
Favorite Gospel Group:  The Martins & The Isaacs
Favorite Scripture:  Psalms 121:1
Who Are Your Hero’s:  My parents
Favorite Restaurant:  Sarabeth’s & Cheesecake Factory
Favorite Food:  Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, (any kind of food)
Favorite Candy:  Reeces Pieces & anything dark chocolate
Favorite Junk Food:  Turkey Jerky & Fruity Pebbles 
Drink Preference:  Water, Green Tea
Food You Don’t Like: ……….
Favorite State: New York
Favorite Vacation Spot:  South Padre Island, Texas
Favorite TV Show:  Parks & Recreation, and Saturday Night Live
Favorite Movie:  The Lord of the Rings trilogy and any Marvel movie
Favorite Book:  The Bible, and “Live from New York”
Favorite Sport:  Water Polo
Favorite Team:  Aggies, Cowboys, Mavericks & Rangers
What do you want to be doing 20 years from now?:  Living life to the fullest