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Three Bridges

Three Bridges

The trio consists of Elliott McCoy who is manager and baritone for the group, Shannon Smith on lead and Jeremie Hudson on tenor. Although from varied backgrounds and hailing from different parts of the country, God brought these three men together for His purpose and His Glory. Following the release of the critically-acclaimed debut album, “Soldiers” Three Bridges has wowed packed-out venues across the nation….from Gospel Concerts, business conventions, TV Shows, and all the way to Air Force One..

They have received over 40 Award nominations such as

  • Group of the year
  • Fan Favorite Artist
  • Song of the year
  • Special Event Project of the Year (Christmas Album)
  • Album of the year

Elliott is a native of eastern Kentucky and his heritage is from the famous Hatfield-McCoy Feud. He grew up in a musical family and his early influences included his grandparents. At the age of fourteen his family moved to Ohio, and as a teenager Elliott gave his life to Christ.

His exploits in gospel music cover more than 38 years of exciting experiences in the ministry of Christian music. He was featured in a 1976 article in National Geographic for singing in front of over 40,000 people at an outdoor concert in West Virginia. Elliott has sang with such groups as: The Laymen Quartet (Columbus, Ohio), the Premiers Quartet (Cincinnati, Ohio), and Southern Tradition (Nashville, Tennessee). The Premiers Quartet traveled with Dr. John Rawlings of the Landmark Baptist Temple, performed at large crusades, and worked TV shows with nationally known minister Rex Humbard.

Shannon was raised in a pastor’s home and because of his parent’s active demonstration of their faith in a real and living God, he came to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at an early age. Shannon says, “It was at the age of eleven, during revival services at my church, that I confirmed my faith in Jesus and over the next few years I surrendered myself to Him fully and determined to live for Him for the rest of my days.” Through active involvement in his church youth group and Christian school as well as opportunities for volunteer service, he began to sense God’s leadership into ministry. He sought to prepare himself through Biblical and musical education and practical development of his musical talent. He then began to pursue ministry opportunities whether volunteer or vocational in nature. “The only thing I’ve ever really wanted to do is to share the life and love of Jesus with others. Presenting the beauty of Jesus through the beauty of music and the beauty of the Word of God is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done,” says Shannon. “I was born to sing His praises – when I sing, I feel as though He is singing too!”  After 6 years singing with The Imperials, Shannon spent 18 months as a Church Worship Leader.  Shannon said Elliott McCoy first called me about joining Three bridges in January and we just agreed to pray over this decision until we had the peace of the Lord about it.  We both did and and I have been  continuing to share the goodness and love of Jesus in every way possible with Three Bridges.

“I realized that day there was something special about singing for God”, says Jeremie Hudson who spent 9 years with The Imperials and held Minister of Music prior to joing Three Bridges . in May of 2010 Jeremie was named as Three Bridges’s tenor.  Jeremie states, “There were several small mountains in the way to my coming back on the road. God has made those mountains a flat surface! He is truly a GOD of miracles! If He did this here, at the beginning of this new ministry, then I cannot wait to see what He will do in the end and all through the middle! I know that God has called me to be one of His voices,’’ Jeremie says. ‘‘I pray that when time has ended, I will have pleased Him, not just with my voice, but with entire life.”

The group will retire from the road at the end of 2022 after a tremendous career in Gospel Music of making the audiences enjoy the music, the word, and the presencs of the Lord!

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